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Teaching and overview of Instructors qualifications

Our lead instructor, Dr. Anand Swamy has over 20 years of instruction experience and had been awarded many outstanding instructor accolades at university and private training institute levels. Dr Swamy's teaching experience coupled with over 14 years of laboratory research experience (including 8 years at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and four years as a member of scientific review committee for National Alliance for Autism Research and Autism Speaks, uniquely qualifies him to teach data interpretation, experimental design, data analysis and reading comprehension skills that are absolutely critical to do well specifically on the MCAT and sciences in general.

Without question, the reason for our success has been our head instructor (Dr. Anand Swamy's) incredible teaching. There is a lot more to teaching than expertise in the subject matter. The teacher has to understand how you learn and has to be able to make sense to YOU. He teaches all the sciences from an applications based perspective so students can understand why they are learning a particular topic. Dr. Swamy knows how to present complex information and concepts in a simple lucid manner and he helps students relate to the sciences and does it in an entertaining way. He has exhibited a strong ability to motivate students, build the skills essential to be successful, ascertaining their strengths and weaknesses and work with students to help them achieve their full potential by fostering confidence in their ability.

Anand's deep-rooted passion for teaching coupled with his strong instructional abilities and his ability to relate to teach students from diverse background (minorities, premeds, high school students, graduate and undergraduate students) puts him in a unique position to help students. He has successfully trained hundreds of students, many of whom are now doctors. In the past, on several occasions he has demonstrated a unique ability to relate to students and get information across to them. In past endeavors, his director at Princeton Review has quoted specifically in his recommendation letters "While we boast a talented and exemplary staff of teachers, I do believe it is fair to state that Anand is in a category by himself". he has worked with a diverse student body, having taught in the Ronald E Mcnair program (preparing minority kids for advanced study in the field of science), Princeton Review (training undergraduate premedical students), High School Students (for AP Chemsitry/Physics/Bio courses) and at Emory and Georgia State University (Organic and General Chemistry and Physics undergraduate courses)