Anand @ KEBSAR has been a great tutor and a great coach to me. I was struggling to improve on my PCAT scores but with Anand's tutoring, not only did I improve but also was good enough improvement to get into pharmacy school. Anand showed me that knowledge alone is not the key but how to apply the knowledge in a quick and easy manner is the key to success in standardized tests. Additionally, he always encouraged me to do my best and most importantly, believed in me, provided me with the confidence to believe in myself to achieve my goals. Thank you KEBSAR !

Thank you! - Aimee Shin - UGA Pharmacy School (Class of 2015)

A friend recommended KEBSAR. They had flexible times that work for me, since I was still in school and working. After several weeks, my score not only improved 60 points, but my confidence while test taking improved. My tutor exuded a calm confidence when working with me and stressed the important details and provided tips and tricks from standardized test taking perspective. I would recommend his services for any student that might need not only the guidance to understand the intricacies of standardized tests, but also the confidence building abilities that he/she possesses. I scored a 33O average on the OAT test and was accepted to 3 schools and am currently in optometry school. Thank you Dr. Swamy!

Thank you! - Lulu Halig - Optometry Student

Thank you! -

Thank you! - Megan Nelms

Thank you! - Mr JayPatel

For PHYSICS and ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - Like many PreMed students I was burdened with multiple upper level science courses at a time as well as MCAT prep. To add to that stress I was taking 2 of the hardest classes (physics and Orgo) during the accelerated and incredibly dense summer semester. Anand was able to keep me on tract and helped me attain my true potential with an A in Physics one and an A- in Orgo 2. He has an ability to explain physics in a simple way that just makes sense takes the edge off the subject. Even with his PhD in chemistry, he explains chemistry in simple way with real life examples that students can relate to. Thanks Anand and Best of Luck!!

Thank you! - Michael Romanelli ( Emory BS Biology 2012)

Thank you! - --- M. Davis, Nursing Student at Georgia State University

I was clueless in chemistry. I called Anand from KEBSAR and he made it all crystal clear. I actually made the highest grade in my class and that was a very high "A". I could've never done this on my own.

Thank you! - Myka Rudd (Nursing Student)

I am a recent graduate from Georgia State University with a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I am an Active Duty Commission Officer in the US Army. I would not be here without the help of the KEBSAR program or Mr. Swamy. Courses KEBSAR that helped me: -General Chemistry -Physics -Organic Chemistry -Biochemistry I strongly suggest Mr. Swamy and his tutoring sessions in any science class. He is very personal and very professional with his meetings and his education program. His services not only helped me get the "A's" I wanted but it made fully understand the concepts. The KEBSAR program assisted me to achieve a higher level of thinking within each course. Mr. Swamy explains the basics very well in a very approachable fashion in order to understand and interpret the more complex topics. He was very flexible and reliable. He cared for all his students and definitely cared not only me but for my future as a student and as a person

Thank you! - Jose Chacon

Thank you! - -Manal Tabba (Emory University)

Thank you! - Thank you! -Michael Walden

When I didn't make as high as I wanted on the MCAT studying on my own, I knew it was time to bring in the big guns. I immediately called Dr. Swamy and he graciously worked me into his busy schedule for his intensive MCAT prep. In just over a month, he taught me how to think and how to approach the test. He showed me how to tackle the harder subjects and explained the difficult concepts in a way that even a child could understand. I re-took the MCAT after Dr. Swamy's training and got into medical school the same year. Without Dr. Swamy, I wouldn't be where I am today and certainly wouldn't have the privilege of becoming a physician! I can't thank you enough!

Thank you! - Thank you Dr. Swamy! - Justin Law 2nd Year Mercer Medical College

Anand (@ KEBSAR) has a unique way of presenting information tested on the MCAT. His pointers on things to focus on are particularly helpful on standardized tests. He explains science concepts in a manner in which it shows up on the exam. Anand has an incredible individualized approach to MCAT preparation that is able to contour to the individual needs of the student in a way the big name prep programs can't. Under this individualized attention I was able to flourish and turn my dream of becoming a doctor into a reality. A year ago I was praying for a single acceptance and now I have been blessed with 4 choices for medical school!! Anand is a GREAT INSTRUCTOR!! . Thank You!

Thank you! - Michael Romanelli (University of Kentucky College of Medicine Class of 2018)

Dr.Swamy's MCAT prep program was the absolute best course prep that I could have possibly used to get ready for the exam. His approach to MCAT prep is highly individualized, not a One-Size-Fits-All, & the pointers that he gives in every prep session were particularly helpful, some of which I still use in my test taking strategies in Medical School. I Highly recommend KEBSAR test preparation services.

Thank you! -