Anands Success with Pre-med and Pre-health science majors in ORGANIC
CHEMISTRY is particularly worth mentioning, He has a unique way of
explaining ORGO that students can relate to!

At KEBSAR, We have trained many students from EMORY Organic chemistry courses (Drs. Weinshank, Galivan, Scarsborough McDonald, Blakey, Liotta, and Morkin). We have also trained many students from Georgia State Organic chemistry courses (Drs.Pascoe, Henary, Vasquez, Comar, Harden, Navarro-Eisenstein and Herzog).

Our lead instructor Anand Swamy has helped many GSU and EMORY students making a C- or D to move to B+ or A in organic chemistry (Referrals available upon request)

We have successfully trained hundreds of pre-health major (Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy and Respiratory and Physical Therapist) students who made it through and finished with B+ or A in the ‘Survey of Chemistry and Biochemistry Course’ at GSU