Some FACTs about the MCATs

MCATs gauge your critical thinking skills, and NOT mere ability to recall information (content based tests). MCATs questions test your ability to use tools required to succeed in medical school (Reading Comprehension, Data Analysis & Critical Thinking)

(IT’S A TEST OF MENTAL ENDURANCE …. Ability to focus and process information for over ~ 5.5 hrs)

MCATs do test some factual subject content, however most of the emphasis is on reading comprehension (knowledge by reference), data analysis (interpretation of experimental results presented) and critical thinking (including extrapolation of presented data and analysis of hypothetical variations of experimental data).

All in all, the test looks at a student’s potential prospectively (predictor of success in medical school)

(At KEBSAR we re-teach the sciences with an MCAT perspective and focus. We teach you how to understand keys concepts and how they relate to one another as opposed to memorizing a bunch of facts


Each MCAT course cycle takes a minimum of 14 weeks to complete although from time to time we have intensive cycles.
Each Complete Course includes 60+ hours of class time + 25 Workshop hours. All materials are provided for you.
Four released computerized AAMC (the people that make the MCAT) tests are provided and administered under supervision.
Although everyone is different, you can expect to spend about 15 - 20 hrs per week (outside of class).


MCAT -The Complete Course

Our complete MCAT course covers Verbal, Physics, G-Chem, O-Chem, and Biology. Students may sign up for the entire course or may take individual modules. Each session runs roughly 2hrs. The course is targeted for three months. A single cycle usually has 80hrs+ of live classroom instruction.

We have 2 other options.

The Physical Science Intensive Preparation Course:

This course covers physics and general chemistry portion of the MCATs (40 hours of instruction and 10 hours of workshop time)

The Biological Science Intensive Preparation Course:

This course covers Biology and Organic Chemistry portion of the MCATs (40 hours of instruction and 10 hours of workshop time)


Critical Thinking!

Why do students prefer our course to the others? We teach you how to think about the MCAT. Instead of having you relearn everything, we focus on the critical thinking skills that the MCAT expects you to employ.

When Anand first developed and taught the course, most of his students came to him seeking help on the Physics and Organic Chemistry portion of the exam.
Almost every single student improved about 5 points from their starting score on the sciences with most of them reaching 10+.

Sadly, many of the students believed that VERBAL was NOT something you could improve; either you have it or you don't – This is true to an extent (If you are trying to get a 12+ on Verbal). Our lead instructor Anand, proceeded to show that with practice, focused approach and techniques, for weaker students (start score of 4-7 on verbal) it was possible to get scores in the 8 -11range. In Anand’s 18 years of experience training students for the MCATs, he has figured out that students who aim for a score in the 12 -15 range either have it or not.

Our Student Improvements

Many students in the average score range (starting score 16-23) We have worked with thus far, made the mistake of going to the big corporate companies, only to find little or no improvement. These same students worked with us and reached their MCAT goals. (e.g., Sook Kyoon left a one of the big three in MCAT prep course struggling with a final MCAT (score of 23). She came to us and reached her goals (32) and currently is a student at Medical College of Georgia. Jillian came worried about her MCAT score (she had a 29, a reasonable score but not good enough to get into any of the schools she wanted to go to). After our course she went up 8 points to a 37 and is currently a MD PhD Student at Ohio State University.


See for yourself, checkout one of their classes; then checkout ours. We are confident THERE'S NO COMPARISON!

Everyone has her or his own MCAT goals and expectations. We strive to give you the best shot at fulfilling yours. GOOD LUCK!