High School AP Academics

KEBSAR has years of expertise helping students in their classes from all over Atlanta GA, including students from colleges such as Emory University, Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, Georgia Perimeter College, Spelman College, Moorehouse College, University of Georgia and high schools like Westminster school, Tucker High, Chamblee High, Riverside High School and Lovett High School.

We have assisted several high school students in sciences (Chemistry, Physics and Biology) and helped the move from C’s or low B grades to an A.

Our tremendous success with Pre-med and Pre-health science majors in ORGANIC and GENERAL CHEMISTRY and PHYSICS is particularly worth mentioning. Our lead instructor (Dr. Anand Swamy) has a unique way of explaining these subjects in a way that students can relate to!

We have successfully trained hundreds of pre-health major (Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy and Respiratory and Physical Therapist) students who made it through and finished with B+ or A in the ‘Survey of Chemistry and Biochemistry Course’ at GSU