What really makes you different?

The teaching!!! For us, it really is true. Our Lead Instructor ? Anand Swamys teaching style and knowledge is what really sets us apart, so much so that we base our entire company around it (just ask any of our 125+ students from last year that trained with us). Or, better yet, come see for yourself. Sit in on ANY class at ANYtime!

How long do the courses run?

Each cycle is a minimum of 14 weeks. Some cycles run as long as 20 weeks

I could not find schedule on your website, how can I get it?

We don't put up our schedule online. We've had some trouble from marketers in the past (present as well). Anand caters each cycle to that particular group of students. The best way to get our class schedule before you join our course is to email us!

Where are your classes located?

We are located at Brookhaven Baptist Church, 1294, North Druid Hills Road, Atlanta GA Please email us for more information.